"2b2t (I Survived 24 Hours In)"

Started by Darren Dirt, March 29, 2020, 10:04:01 AM

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Darren Dirt

"2b2t (I Survived 24 Hours In)"


Woah, the last 15 minutes when a veteran group met with him and helped him out, really cool


PS: ICYDK, 2b2t is a server with more than a decade of history...

"The History of 2b2t's Most Severe Griefs"


Get better at getting better. Daily.


Wow, Darren, you're watching Minecraft videos?  Watch out, it's a slippery slope :)

An' yeah, I knew about 2b2t and I've always been sad about the beautiful builds people have made that then got griefed to hell for no reason other than other people are asshats.
Prayin' for a 20!

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