Minecraft Dungeons

Started by LennyLen, September 10, 2020, 06:28:21 PM

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Anyone tried it?

I bought it this week and have been playing on and off over the last few days (my character is at level 17).

It's very simplistic as far as APGs go, but still quite fun nonetheless. There's just enough progression to keep things interesting and levels have secrets to find which can also be fun.

I think the lack of build variety will probably curb replayability, but the cost isn't too much so it's probably wort it, especially compared to other forms of entertainment.


My youngest teenager got it and plays every couple of days on the Switch.  He loves video games, so spends a lot of time playing them, but this one is in his top five, I'd say.
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I know Melbosa plays it!

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I've enjoyed it and am still enjoying it.  It is as you said a simple ARPG, but still not too bad.  And its including in XBGP, so free for me :D
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