Ogre Designer's Edition kickstarter by Steve Jackson Games

Started by Lazybones, May 02, 2012, 02:48:14 PM

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A little too pricy and possibly more of an involved game than my current gaming circle would be ready for... but DAMN I am starting to love kickstarter.

Mr. Analog

It's pretty amazing!

Fun fact: there's a kickstartr for porn too hahaha
By Grabthar's Hammer


I've never played that game.

And wow, his target was $20k, he's now over $390k, and because of that he's added a _whole_ bunch of high-quality cardstock things to the game, so now the box weighs over 14 pounds!  That's one and a half newborns!


"newborn" is a new measurement I'm going to try and introduce :)
Prayin' for a 20!

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