Sony PS4 plans may be very similar to Xbox

Started by Lazybones, June 18, 2013, 04:37:05 PM

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Mr. Analog

They do have a history of changing the deal (remember OtherOS?)

There is a hashtag for Sony DRM, a lot of the conversation there is about the encouragement of Publishers to tie customers down with digital encumbrance. So much of the PS4 library may end up as restrictive as the XBone in the end.

The only difference at this stage is that out of the box XBone will have a bunch of extremely strict DRM measures baked in, Sony has the option to push updates out that will lock things down OR BETTER YET let their Publishers do the locking so they can deflect criticism.

I mean imagine buying GunShooter: 15 (The Re-Gunening) and finding out that the Publisher requires you to register your copy of the game to both the specific machine it's played on and to the publisher-owned matchmaking service (which by the way, requires you to be online to play multiplayer). Oh you want to sell or trade your game, here pay this "transfer fee" to the publisher and go through this arcane process.

The sad bit is there are literally thousands of gamers out there who don't give this a second thought and far off in the future, 5-10 years from now, the only copies of GunShooter: 15 that will be around and playable will be pirated ROMs running in a PS4 emulator.
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Yeah.. While sony has gotten a lot out of MS's mis-steps, I still don't think I can trust sony to really be the good guy.
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