Dyson Sphere Program

Started by Tom, February 05, 2021, 10:17:36 AM

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When I first heard about DSP a few months ago I was SO stoked. I didn't think it would actually come out any time soon but here we are and it's been out for a couple weeks and I have sunk something like 80 hours into it already. Though I've probably let it idle for 10 hours during breakfast on days I play it to wake up lol.

Imagine a mix between Factorio and Satisfactory with space travel. I've had a blast.

If anyone wants to learn more about it I can help and also recommend two youtube channels: Nilaus and JD Plays.

They also do factorio content. Nilaus is more on the technical side while JD is a little more on the entertainment side but not totally goofy.

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I am super lazy and we have a dedicated YouTube embed button in the forum LOL.. Sounds interesting..

Maybe post the most interesting video you can find?

Mr. Analog

I see you playing it all the time now instead of Factorio

I find games like this hard to watch because I don't know what's happening but yeah share some good vids!

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I've added a few videos to my first post :)

The interesting part is the devs have been pushing updates nearly every day since release. Though expect that to pause during chinese newyear.
<Zapata Prime> I smell Stanley... And he smells good!!!


Here's a screenshot of my sphere+swarm:

<Zapata Prime> I smell Stanley... And he smells good!!!


Tom got this for me for my birthday, so I plan to check it out more than what I have already!
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