Elon Musk: Dirtbag

Started by Mr. Analog, February 18, 2022, 06:32:28 PM

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Mr. Analog

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I hate to say it but I see similar @%&# posted on Facebook from Alberta relatives in support of the truckers and against Trudeau all the time.

I have come close to unfriending a number of them, but thankfully they just repost @%&# from sites I can block.

Elon can't keep his mouth shut online

Mr. Analog

That's for damn sure

So far I've been lucky I only know one person who's "pro-idiot" and thankfully we don't know each other that well so IDGAF what they say anyway.
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Yeah, for me Musk outed himself as a dirtbag when he called a guy involved in the 2018 Philippines cave rescue of a boys soccer team a "pedo guy" because the guy (an experienced cave diver who helped organize the eventual rescue) said Musk's "mini sub" idea was a stupid PR stunt and had no logical or sound application to the rescue.

Musk is pushing back against this because he's trying to make buku money off of crypto, he's figured out he can swing markets back and forth with tweets, and I have no doubt he sells a bunch just before he tweets something, then tweets something that makes the price drop, then buys a bunch on the dip.  Crypto and NFTs are so, so susceptible to market manipulation.
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