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Started by Melbosa, March 11, 2022, 05:00:44 PM

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QuoteState-backed newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports that new laws allow Russian firms to use innovations from unfriendly countries without paying to use their intellectual property.

When it comes to Hollywood movies, it looks as though Russian people will be free to pirate them, and Russian politician Dmitry Ionin has even suggested that the country may unblock the torrenting suite RuTracker to help Russians pirate Hollywood films.

"Since many Western studios have refused to release new films in Russia, the parliamentarian believes that thanks to the torrent tracker, users will be able to watch Hollywood films," reports Gazetta.

Fire up those VPNs to Russia, if they even work?
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It's going to take at least an entire generation (25+ years) before Western business will be willing to invest anything in Russia again, since Russia won't protect intellectual property rights.  With zero Western investments, they will be an underdeveloped petro-state for that entire time, and the eventual electrification of transport will be their economy's death knell.

By the way, Russian conscripts (soldiers that aren't supposed to leave the country to fight in any wars) get paid 2,000 rubles per month.  At today's rate of 133 rubles per US dollar, that's $15 USD/month.  They can't afford anything anymore.

Meanwhile, Russian contract soldiers (privates who have signed up to fight in war outside the country) get paid 18,000 rubles per month.  That's $135 USD/month.  Compared to an American private who gets about $1,900 USD/month.

I understand why they'll allow torrenting, it's the only way the Russian government can ensure the masses get their bread and circuses (to stop them from rising up against the government).  Well, it gets the circuses, not sure what's going to happen with the bread.
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