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Started by Mr. Analog, August 12, 2016, 08:10:55 PM

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That sounds awesome!

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Can you basically build any ship you want through the upgrade system? If so, I'm definitely come back to NMS.


Quote from: Nelms on November 30, 2019, 08:50:17 AMCan you basically build any ship you want through the upgrade system? If so, I'm definitely come back to NMS.
I'm not sure. I haven't seen the augmentation feature in use.
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I think they will probably allow more ship customization. This was likely just a step on that path. You can expand your ship's inventory slots, and class.

Inventory management is a lot less annoying than it used to be. This update made it so you can just drag and drop stuff more. Older updates drastically increased the storage of inventory slots. This update drastically increased the number of slots in base storage cubes. You know, those big ass cubes that were near useless before except for the fact that they were all magically linked, so any #1 cube shared the contents of any other #1 cube you make... Which I did NOT know for a very long time.

A previous update added the need for powering things, including the aforementioned storage cubes. It's kindof annoying ESPECIALLY since even once you power them there's a "no power" icon on the cube itself but its actually powered. fun. You need to either use solar panels or bio generators OR use the fancy survey device scanner mod to search for magnetic something-or-other power sources you can place a really cool looking power generator on. That device will also scan for resource (metals, gas, etc) deposits that you can place automated resource gatherers on. I'm not sure if they run out or if it just takes a long time. It can be a challenge to get one of those magnetic power sources near to your base or your resource outposts.. In my last save I had to walk out placing things to expand the size of my base in order to be able to reach the actual power hotspot thing such that the power cables would actually reach.

I've been playing this weekend. Put in probably 4-8 hours in my last save but then after realizing that save doesn't have the cool Horizon Omega pre order bonus ship in it, I used the NMS save editor to hack it in.. but it wasn't quite the same.

So I started a new save last night :D A lot of stuff has changed in the game the past couple years. It's really not the same game anymore. There's lots of quality of life improvements that make it a lot less annoying to play. That said, they've seemingly changed the story a bit ad-hoc and there's some places where things don't quite mesh up in a super smooth polished way right in the beginning. The beginning of the game is a lot less hard though. At least it has been for me. Used to be that any mining would call the Sentinel almost immediately. Now I haven't seen a single one since starting the new save. Perhaps I'm just lucky this time around. They COULD polish up some of the storyline somewhat though.
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NMS always had potential.  Keep us updated, should you find anything else significant in the changes.
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me> Sooo, TL;DR. Getting my $67 worth. GOT my $67 worth. A loooooong time ago.

I've now put in over 80 hours in my new save (some of it was idling, so lets say 50-70 hours of play time) according to the in game timer.

Dang. I've done a fair amount of ACTUAL game play but also a massive BUTT ton of grindy busy work to earn units and especially nanites.

The amount of nanites you need to upgrade ship class is pretty significant. C->B is 10k, B->A is 25k, and A->S is 50k. Doing that the normal/manual game progression way would take AGES.

The nanite sources I know of are off hand:
  • inspecting various objects
  • uploading discoveries
  • completing missions
  • a couple NPCs on the space anomaly ask for discovery data as well. it stacks with uploading discoveries
  • collecting and smelting larval cores from whispering egg/biological horror nests
  • killing sentinels for pugnium
  • smelting pugnium
  • smelting platinum, gold+silver->platinum
  • smelting runaway mould (which you get from this chain: Residual Goop -> Viscous Fluids -> Living Slime -> Runaway Mould) Smelting the first three items takes a long time, so set that up before going to do other stuff, just be warry to save semi often as I think you can loose stuff in smelters in some cases)

There are more ways I just found out about from the wiki like:
  • selling upgrade modules to merchants
  • scraping ships for upgrade modules and selling them
  • trading get relics, korvax casings, and Vy'keen effigies to their respective races
  • feeding certain animals after which they lead you to an object that yeilds them
  • crashed freighter storage containers
  • freighter cargo containers marked exotic
  • smelting hexite+faecium
  • smelting hadal core (didn't even know what that was)
  • smelting salvaged data

To upgrade my preorder bonus ship I've mainly been doing it the grindy way by space station hoping and buying pugnium, platinum, and residual goop, then smelting all that junk.
I think I'm going to try the ship salvage route, and finding any upgrade modules I have stored or in use that I don't want anymore and selling them. (note though, modules you got from the main story missions are "free" and dont count against the max 4 upgrade limit, so if you have the space might as well just keep them, esp because sometimes they have effects that other modules won't) I did collect a bunch of nantites initially from the larval cores but it proved annoying to find and remember where the abandoned buildings were. I've also been mass collecting space station missions, and doing them in batches because many missions of the same time will complete with the same trigger. Its a great way of getting nanites and increasing your rank with the races and guilds.

Another grindy thing I've been doing is buying/selling the tradable goods at space stations to collect credits while buying the other stuff that produces nanites. It generally makes up for what I spend on the nanite materials.

After they added the deep resource deposits and the industrial machinery to collect them, I set up a few mining outposts. particularly for magnatized ferrite, parrafinium, oxygen, and activated emril. I've so far ammased over 4 billion units from selling activated emril. INSANE. At the moment I wait till I have about 300m worth of activated emril before going to sell to not totally drain all the best places to sell it. Once you sell a ton of something to a place, it's buy price drops significantly. Like -70% from ~0%. It does recharge, but takes tens of hours of play time (not real world time, actual play time, even time spent with the game inactive doesn't count. the game has to be active/focused)

I just got my first freighter of this save. it sucks compared to my first ever freighter. that was a lucky break, class A or some such with 40+ slots. it was great. Now I've got so much money I'm just going to bide my time till I find a S class freighter and buy it.

I'm getting close to finishing most of the built in story/missions. But I put that on pause after the ship upgrades hit :D but I think I'll start working on them again while I wait to collect another 40k+ nanites. currently sitting at ~10k.

Oh, another thing I did recently was star system hoping to get the storage slot upgrades from both the space stations (normal station and anomaly). One of the updates added the new anomaly and the anomaly now has a place to buy special upgrade modules AND storage slots. I'm now maxed out on personal storage slots. Oh, one of the upgrades also increased the storage slots in a big way. you have way more of them now and each one stores a lot more basic materials. 9999 basic items per slot. Crafted materials still are only 5-10 items per slot.

So yeah. I've been getting a lot out of the game so far. While I wouldn't say its been super FUN (I have a hard time feeling FUN...) it has kept my attention. Back after the initial release I felt I got my moneys worth from the first 20 hours I played. I figured 20 hours of play time was worth what I spent. Steam claims I've put in over 389 hours of play time. but that most deffinitely counts all idle time, AND some time I think where steam thought the game was running but wasnt.

OH that reminds me.. I've mostly played this save in Linux :D Steam's proton translation layer has been working very well with my new system. I've had a few crashes, but for the most part, its worth it. I don't like rebooting and losing my dekstop session state just to play a game. Also sometimes I like to hop between the game and other things I'm doing. if I had to reboot, I just wouldn't play nearly as much and my progression would be much slower and I'd probably not even want to play as much.

Even though its still not the perfect game or exactly what was advertised its still got a lot to offer. Don't think the things I've been spending time on are the only things to do. Theres so many things I've just been ignoring.

For example:
  • New living ships
  • Freighter related stuff
  • Multiplayer missions
  • mega base building
  • music blocks
  • some of the story from the dude that gets you the land vehicles
  • most end game content including getting to the center and other galaxies
  • various game modes (inc: permadeath, creative, etc)
  • the abyss update content including the underwater mission and exocraft
  • vr mode
  • things related to quicksilver and cosmetics
  • anything "food" related

Next on my list I think are (in no particular order, not including my normal every day grindy stuff):
  • try salvaging ships for credits and nanites
  • finish upgrading my preorder ship
  • finish main story quests (almost there?)
  • get better multitool(s) (you can have more than one now and switch between them)
  • find awesome S class frieghter
  • find awesome living ship

Sooo, TL;DR. Getting my $67 worth. GOT my $67 worth. A loooooong time ago.

And they are just going to keep adding more content and bug fixes.
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Might? Have to revisit this game? (a lot of this Tom already covered but the content keeps coming)

Mr. Analog

I knew it still had updates but this looks awesome! Maybe worth reinstalling
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Quote from: Mr. Analog on May 20, 2022, 07:42:52 PMI knew it still had updates but this looks awesome! Maybe worth reinstalling
Will look like a brand new game with the updates and your updated rig.
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Mr. Analog

Quote from: Melbosa on May 21, 2022, 04:41:19 PM
Quote from: Mr. Analog on May 20, 2022, 07:42:52 PMI knew it still had updates but this looks awesome! Maybe worth reinstalling
Will look like a brand new game with the updates and your updated rig.

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Dang, I've missed a few updates. I might have to check it out again.
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