If evil is in this world, how can there be a good God?

Started by Darren Dirt, March 31, 2024, 10:43:55 AM

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Darren Dirt

If evil is in this world, how can there be a good God?


"...Christianity does not have an evil problem. To say that is to completely misunderstand Christianity.

Evil is a requirement for Christianity. Evil is a necessity, because our Lord came into this world to experience evil, to fight against evil, to defeat evil. And He did.

...never forget this: if God were to just wipe out evil with a swipe of His hand, that would include us, because in our sins we are evil.

But instead of defeating evil by His might and power like that, He chose a better way. God the Son chose to suffer on the Cross because of our evil, because of our sins, to take the punishment we deserved. And to make a way for us to be saved."

Jesus Christ came, suffered, and died in order to free us from the chains of evil. Which is why every evil act you witness, every evil thing you do, is testament to the necessity of His sacrifice that we recognize and honor during the Easter "long weekend".

Happy Easter Sunday aka *Resurrection Day*!


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