Man so much to watch

Started by Lazybones, June 09, 2022, 10:40:44 AM

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Orville is back
Strange new worlds

However I wonder if we will end up with Star Wars / Marvel burn out with so many being pumped out by Disney+.

At least there seems to be some variety in style and theme in these new shows.

Ms. Marvel episode 1 was very slow.

Mr. Analog

By Grabthar's Hammer


So the latest episode of the Orville is my favorite of the whole series.
If only for the 10m explaining how Quantum (Warp) drive works in relation to speed of light issues.  I know its been explained in Star Trek though the cannon, but I can't remember an episode that explained it clearly or simply as the Orville just did.

Such smart writing this show has.
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