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February 20, 2020, 04:12:27 PM

No Man's Sky

Started by Mr. Analog, August 12, 2016, 08:10:55 PM

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Mr. Analog

That sounds awesome!

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Can you basically build any ship you want through the upgrade system? If so, I'm definitely come back to NMS.


Quote from: Nelms on November 30, 2019, 08:50:17 AMCan you basically build any ship you want through the upgrade system? If so, I'm definitely come back to NMS.
I'm not sure. I haven't seen the augmentation feature in use.
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I think they will probably allow more ship customization. This was likely just a step on that path. You can expand your ship's inventory slots, and class.

Inventory management is a lot less annoying than it used to be. This update made it so you can just drag and drop stuff more. Older updates drastically increased the storage of inventory slots. This update drastically increased the number of slots in base storage cubes. You know, those big ass cubes that were near useless before except for the fact that they were all magically linked, so any #1 cube shared the contents of any other #1 cube you make... Which I did NOT know for a very long time.

A previous update added the need for powering things, including the aforementioned storage cubes. It's kindof annoying ESPECIALLY since even once you power them there's a "no power" icon on the cube itself but its actually powered. fun. You need to either use solar panels or bio generators OR use the fancy survey device scanner mod to search for magnetic something-or-other power sources you can place a really cool looking power generator on. That device will also scan for resource (metals, gas, etc) deposits that you can place automated resource gatherers on. I'm not sure if they run out or if it just takes a long time. It can be a challenge to get one of those magnetic power sources near to your base or your resource outposts.. In my last save I had to walk out placing things to expand the size of my base in order to be able to reach the actual power hotspot thing such that the power cables would actually reach.

I've been playing this weekend. Put in probably 4-8 hours in my last save but then after realizing that save doesn't have the cool Horizon Omega pre order bonus ship in it, I used the NMS save editor to hack it in.. but it wasn't quite the same.

So I started a new save last night :D A lot of stuff has changed in the game the past couple years. It's really not the same game anymore. There's lots of quality of life improvements that make it a lot less annoying to play. That said, they've seemingly changed the story a bit ad-hoc and there's some places where things don't quite mesh up in a super smooth polished way right in the beginning. The beginning of the game is a lot less hard though. At least it has been for me. Used to be that any mining would call the Sentinel almost immediately. Now I haven't seen a single one since starting the new save. Perhaps I'm just lucky this time around. They COULD polish up some of the storyline somewhat though.
<Zapata Prime> I smell Stanley... And he smells good!!!


NMS always had potential.  Keep us updated, should you find anything else significant in the changes.
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